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An eco-friendly Bio-Product with active and essential micro-organisms for the benefit of farming commodities .

ERIZO is a mixture of beneficial micro-organisms which encourages microbial activities around rhizospere.


ColorDark blackish brown
Solubility in WaterHumic acid as such is not water soluble, but it's salts such as potassium Humate, Ammonium Humate are water soluble, hence converted and used in formulations.
PHupto 9.0

Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. If in eyes hold eyelids open and flush with a steady, gentle stream of water. If on Skin wash with plenty of soap and water.

Shelf Life : 3 years when Stored under normal condition.

Toxicity : The ingredients do not cause any toxicity.

  • ERIZO increases the seed germination power.
  • ERIZO provides growth hormones to plants.
  • ERIZO promotes root initiation and development.
  • ERIZO increases nutrients uptake capacity of roots of plants.
  • ERIZO promotes cell divisions and cell elongation.
  • ERIZO Enhance photosynthetic reaction in plants.
  • ERIZO Improves yield and shelf life of fruits & vegetables.
  • ERIZO It helps to complete nutrient cycle.
Active Microorganisms 5 x 109cfu/ml
  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep away from Children reach.
  • Store under cool place.
  • Away from direct sunlight.

250ml in 200ltr. per acre.