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Amino Acid Chelated Assimible calcium & Boron Ca-6.0%, B-5.5%.

  • Addax-cab is specially synthesis to make Calcium and Boron to be assimilate in the plant.
  • Addax-cab improve Calcium and Boron deficiency of crops and enhance growth and yield.
  • Addax-cab eliminate fruit cracking or dropping in of plants like Grapes, Pomegranates. It also helps to prevent blossom end rot in Tomatoes, Chilly and spongy tissues in Mango.
  • Addax-cab helps to reduce number of water berries in Grape bunches.
  • Addax-cab to maintain water equilibrium, improves cell wall strength, stand against water stress.
  • Addax-cab is highly stable in alkaline medium & can be used in alkaline soil.
  • Addax-cab is useful for all crops.

Store in cool, dry place, away from children.

Use of the product is beyond our control, any recommendations or suggestions made are without any guarantee besides the quality of the product.