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Botanical Growth Factors

Botanical Growth Factors

As a plant nutritional supplement for overall development of the plant.

A to Z is a botanical extracts based innovative product for enhancing the yield of agriculture, horticulture and plantation crops. AtoZ is derived from animal and plant origin.


DescriptionLiquid & Coated Granules
ColourBrownish Black
Solubility in WaterSolubility in water

Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. If in eyes hold eyelids open and flush with a steady, gentle stream of water. If on Skin wash with plenty of soap and water.

Shelf Life : 3 years when Stored under normal condition.

Toxicity : The ingredients do not cause any toxicity.

  • Promotes cell division and cell elongation protein synthesis, root initiation and development.
  • Reduces flower and fruit drop.
  • Improves yield and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Helps to withstand stress conditions like drought, frost and attack of insects by improving immunity.
  • Improve rate of absorption of fertilizers.
  • Helps growth retarded plants to spring into its full potency and yielding level.
  • An eco friendly, safe to mamals product for the benefit of farming community.
Composition(% Basis)
Botanical Nutrients10.00
Amino Acids -L0.0018
Protein Hydrolysate08.20
Aque to Q.S in stable soltion12.00
  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep away from Children reach.
  • Store under cool place.
  • Away from direct sunlight.

3ml per liter for foliar spray.